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Cloud Shell alternatives

What is cloud shell and what is it used for?

Cloud Shell is a browser-based shell, for running Linux commands, scripts, and command line tools, within a cloud environment, without having to install any tools on the local desktop. It contains ephemeral storage for saving configuration and installing software required for performing tasks. But we need to remember that the storage has a capacity limitation and eventually will be erased after a certain amount of idle time.

Cloud Shell Alternatives

AWS CloudShellAzure Cloud ShellGoogle Cloud ShellOracle Cloud Shell
Operating SystemAmazon Linux 2Ubuntu 16.04 LTSDebian-based LinuxOracle Linux
Shell interfaceBash, Z shellBashBashBash
Scripting interfacePowerShellPowerShell
CLI Tools installedAWS CLI, Amazon ECS CLI, AWS SAM CLIAzure CLI, Azure Functions CLI, Service Fabric CLI, Batch ShipyardGoogle App Engine SDK, Google Cloud SDKOCI CLI
Persistent storage for home directory1GB5GB5GB5GB
Idle inactive termination20-30 minutes20 minutes20 minutes20 minutes
Maximum data storage120 days120 days60 days

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